Thursday, July 10, 2014

A beautiful interpretation of my recent duo with our shadows by Antoine Beuger and Leo Svirsky. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

over the last year, i have been experimenting with pieces that invite musicians to sing (a tenuous we, with our shadows). i find there to be something so deeply personal and intimate about the act of quietly singing—a beautiful vulnerability and humanness occurs when we allow ourselves to be exposed in this way. 

i also love the way that it transforms the music from a more typical chamber music situation into some kind of altogether new form of folk music. 

the book of songs is the first time i have explored this in a solo piece. 

in the fall of 2013, i discovered the writing of edmond jabès. antoine beuger, my friend and teacher, says that when you are deeply affected by a work of art, it is not because you really understand it, but rather, that it understands you. that is exactly how it felt to encounter jabès strange prose/poetry: i felt deeply understood. 

for this piece, each song is based on a small text fragment from jabès the book of questions/the book of dialogues:

a human word, an endless silence

this familiar—wounded—place

between one start and the next, the unfathomable refusal of silence

let us lift up our voices. let them be our dome. 

with all the strength of our lost loves. our words will be hymns

God is beyond love. She is its yonder.

i hope you find a welcome place here…

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Through the Window and the Wood Review

Brain Olewnick, who writes insightful, long-form reviews on his wonderful blog Just Outside, has written a very generous and thoughtful review of my new release Through the Window and the Wood. 

Read it here:

To purchase the new release, head my Bandcamp site!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pre-Orders now available for Through the Window and the Wood!

Exciting news! Pre-orders for the new release of Through the Window and the Wood, beautifully realized and recorded by Andrea Young, are now available at,

For $15 you get a beautiful limited edition book of poetry by my brother Benjamin Brandes, which includes the poem used for Through the Window and the Wood. The book also comes with liner notes and a digital download of the record. Laura Brandes, did an amazing job with the layout and design…it’s a lovely little book.  I will post some pictures soon!

For $5, you can purchase a digital download of the piece — which comes with pdf liner notes. 

This project has been nearly 4 years in the making! Amazing to see it going out into the world. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

World Premiere/New Release!

On March 15, 1 pm, at Victoria’s Open Space Gallery, LA-based voice artist and composer Andrea Young will be giving the World Premiere of Through the window and the wood.

Consisting of 16 sonic dwellings, each defined by a unique quality of vocally generated white noise,  Through the Window and the Wood is a deeply immersive sonic experience, described by Michael Pisaro as “beautiful and transparent”. The concert will be followed by an artists talk with Andrea, Benjamin Brandes (my brother and the poet whose work is used for Through the window…) and myself. 

To celebrate the premiere of this work—which has been four years in the making—a limited edition dual release of poetry by Benjamin and a recording of Through the window and the wood will be available. This beautiful release includes “49th and Chester”, a debut collection of 7 poems by Benjamin, as well as liner notes and a digital download for Through the window and the wood.  

100 numbered copies will be available at $15 each. A digital download of just the piece and liner notes will be made available for sale via Edition Wandleweiser Records/Band Camp. Stay tuned!